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Introducing NAT. Natural skin and body care essentials

The Natalie Group is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of natural skin and body care, home fragrance, spa and well being products, aromatherapy and essential oils. Founded in 1987 the development and evolution of all Natalie Group products are influenced by the belief that plants, specifically plant essences have natural therapeutic, restorative and regenerative properties.

The NAT. natural skin and body essentials is the latest product range developed by the Natalie Group. Resulting from extensive scientific research, cutting edge technology and the selection of the best natural ingredients, all NAT. products are derived from pure plant essences that carry with them the incredible powers that only nature can provide. The range has been specifically designed to restore balance, beauty, health and wellness.

The guarantee of our product performance comes with the knowledge that our stringent manufacturing process at the Natalie Group is second to none. Our team of dedicated scientific researchers, and quality controllers, ensure the integrity, consistency and unbeatable quality of our products.

NAT. products are not tested on animals and our formulas are inspired by centuries-old traditions. Researched from scriptures, these recipes have been the powerful 'beauty secrets' of the most beautiful women throughout history.

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