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Cleanser confusion - by 

Our skin is a living, breathing organ and it's the largest organ of our body.  It not only protects our internal organs, but it also acts as a barrier from bacteria and nasties in the external environment.  It's so important to look after our skin, and when it comes to the skin on our face particularly, it becomes obvious rather quickly when it's not being cared for properly.

When it comes to choosing the right cleanser for your skin type, don't forget to take into account what your personal preference is.  I often find that if a cleanser feels good on my skin, then it usually suits my needs.  It's also really important to take into account what season it is - a richer, thicker cleanser is great for winter, but I usually prefer a lighter cleanser in summer.

As a Beauty Therapist, one of the questions I'm often asked is, "Do I really need to cleanse twice a day?"  My answer is always YES!  Obviously, cleansing before bed is extremely important, to get rid of the coating of dirt, pollution, sweat, makeup and daily grime on our skin.  And although you may not need to spend as much time cleansing in the morning, you still need to do it.  While you're asleep, the skin is still actively producing sebum and shedding dead skin cells, so if you don't cleanse when you get up, your moisturiser, makeup or sunscreen will be applied over the top of already blocked pores, which may result in spots, blemishes or blackheads.  I find that cleansing softens and smooths my skin anyway, preparing it for my moisturiser and makeup.  Cleansing is a regular part of my daily routine, just like brushing my teeth.

If you use a cleanser your skin doesn't like, you'll know it.  Your skin will feel uncomfortable and tight, and may look flaky, shiny or dull.  And old-fashioned soap and water just aren't going to cut it!  Normal soap has a different pH balance (balance of acidity/alkalinity) to the skin on your face and neck, so it can cause irritation.  The skin's pH is 5.5, so using a product higher or lower can cause dryness, oiliness or blemishes.

So, which cleanser is best for what skin type?  Here's my quick cheat sheet (but of course, it's always best to double check with your skincare professional if you're still confused):

The NAT. natural skin & body essentials range is a great place to start if you're looking for a great cleanser.  I've been using the NAT range for a number of years, both personally and professionally, and have always been extremely pleased with the results.  Whatever your skin type, NAT has the perfect match with their four ranges:

Image courtesy of NAT.


      1. Replenish for normal to dry skin
      2. Rebalance for combination/oily skin
      3. Rejuvenate for dehydrated to very dry skin
      4. Restore for sensitive and fragile skin

But cleansers are only just the start.  The NAT. range also covers toners, exfoliating treatments, serums, masks and eye treatments, as well as body treatments that leave your skin feeling divine.  NAT. use only pure plant essences that work in harmony with the body for cell support, skin regeneration, wrinkle defence and to boost nourishment to the skin.  Made in Australia, the products are free from harmful chemicals, which is always an important feature in any skincare product I choose to use.

Here are the guidelines for the giveaway:

The lovely people at NAT. (and me) are so confident that you will love their range, that they are offering one of my very lucky readers the chance to win a NAT. body pack, valued at $130.  The pack contains 1 x Sea Salt Smoother Plus 250g, 1 x Body Lotion 250ml and 1 x Cuticle Treatment Serum.

1. Open to Aussie residents only (apologies to my lovely overseas readers).
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