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ACNE - Tips to banish breakouts

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ACNE is a dreaded condition that many of us can suffer from, either in our teens or older.  It can be described as a very mild or severe condition which can include open or closed blackheads, small or large pustules and unfortunately for some people they can experience it all!

Some interesting statistics on acne are:

3 out of 4 people can have acne in their teens

40 - 50% of adults between 20-40 years suffer with a low grade acne and oily skin problem

More women than men suffer with mild adult acne (probably due to cosmetics/hormones)

There are 4 factors that can contribute to the development of acne:

1. The hair/follicle - Congestion can build inside the follicle due to fine, weak hair that can grow on this type of skin.  Hair on our skin acts as a wick to remove dead skin cells and oil  but if it's weak than the follicle can get blocked.

2. The oil gland - The type of oil that is produced in an acne skin can be a thicker consistency making it easy to clog pores.

3. The skin cells - Skins that suffer with acne can hold onto more dead skin cells also making it easy to clog pores.

4. Acne Bacteria - Acne skins are prone to more bacteria growing inside the pores which leads to red, inflamed breakouts.

When treating acne it is important to consider the factors above.  It is best to use ingredients on blackheads and breakouts that target these factors.  Ingredients such as clay to absorb and draw oils and congestion out of the pores.  Using foaming face washes and gel based moisturisers can help to control excess oil.  Exfoliation ingredients such as AHA's and rice bran are crucial for removing the excess dead skin cells that problem skins can hold onto.  And anti-bacterial ingredients such as Tea Tree are vital to help control acne bacteria.

Based on this NAT has produced a comprehensive skin care range for oily/congested/acne-prone skin:

NAT. Rebalance Cleanser is a foaming face wash with tea tree that is perfect for thoroughly cleaning and leaving no residue on an oily/congested skin.

NAT. Rebalance Treatment Mask  is clay-based to absorb excess oils and reduce blackheads.

NAT. Rebalance Exfoliant contains rice bran and tea tree to remove excess dead skin cells and keep the pores free of congestion.

NAT Rebalance Moisture Gel is a lightweight moisturiser that absorbs quickly into the skin with AHA's to provide extra exfoliation and anti-bacterial tea tree.

NAT. Rebalance Concentrate contains tea tree and lavender to help reduce breakouts quickly and the inflammation that goes with it.

Unfortunately there are lots of other things that can exacerbate acne such as stress, cosmetics, hormones, enviroment and humidity too! 

In severe cases it's important to see a GP/dermatologist but for those who suffer with more mild persistant cases of acne a trip to your beauty therapist can help to arm you with information about what's going on with your skin.

The more information you have the better so you can stop acne in it's tracks!